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Growing Up Disabled in Australia

Image: A square featuring a book cover on a patterned background. The book cover is an abstract drawing featuring pink, yellow and purple coloured scribbles on a teal background. “Growing Up Disabled in Australia” is in white capital handwritten style text in the middle of the book, and “Carly Findlay” in capital yellow text at the bottom. The patterned background is more of the abstract drawing, as described. “June 2020” is in yellow text in the bottom of the square.One in five Australians have a disability. And disability presents itself in many ways. Yet disabled people are still underrepresented in the media and in literature.

Growing Up Disabled in Australia is the fifth book in the highly acclaimed, bestselling Growing Up series. It includes interviews with prominent Australians such as Senator Jordon Steele-John and Paralympian Isis Holt, poetry and graphic art, as well as more than 40 original pieces by writers with a disability or chronic illness.

Contributors include Dion Beasley, Astrid Edwards, Jessica Walton, Carly-Jay Metcalfe, Gayle Kennedy and El Gibbs.

The collection will be published in June 2020, and pre-orders of the book are now available through the Black Inc. website:

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